Tis the season of packages! As online orders roll in from Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and holiday gift shopping, porch pirates are on the lookout.

Here are five tips to follow to keep your delivered package safe:

Special requests

In most cases, delivery systems will have an option to edit your address. Inside that area, you can add special instructions for where to have your package placed. To help keep your package out of view of porch pirates, leave instructions for your package to be placed outside your back door.

Security camera

With the growing trend in security cameras, there are many options to choose from. Most commonly, Ring video doorbells are a great option to monitor the activity at your door. By installing a security camera, you will be able to keep track of who was near your package.

P.S. Inactive security cameras will help scare away package stealers too!

Text alerts

Some delivery companies will give the option to sign up for package tracking alerts. This is a good way to keep updated with the timing of your delivery so you can put it inside as soon as it is delivered.

Lock box

If you want to provide the most security for your package, you can put a lock box outside your door for the delivery drivers to use. Some lock boxes use codes; you can put the code to the lock box into the online delivery instructions.

Curbside pickup

A safe alternative for getting the product you want without having to wait for it to be delivered is curbside pickup. More and more stores are offering curbside pickup where you can place your order online and drive to the store for them to place inside your vehicle. This may require some driving but it will ensure you receive your purchase without the hassle of going inside or waiting for a delivery.

This is article is provided by Secura Insurance Companies, a Bolder Insurance partner.