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Make activities and food – not alcohol- the focus of your party.

Planning a party can be a big task, especially when you consider your responsibilities as host extend beyond when your guests walk out the door. The perfect ending to any gathering is a safe trip home for all of your guests. Remember, too, if your intoxicated guest is injured or injures someone else on the way home, you could be held legally responsible. But you can take steps to ensure the safety of your guests and, ultimately, the success of your gathering.


  • Avoid making alcohol the main focus of social events. Entertain guests with music, dancing, games, food and lively conversation.
  • Provide guests with nutritious and appealing foods to slow the effects of alcohol. High protein and carbohydrate foods like cheese and meats are especially good. They stay in the stomach much longer, which slows the rate at which the body absorbs alcohol. Avoid salty foods, which encourage people to drink more.
  • Did you know that one in three adults prefers a nonalcoholic beverage? Make sure to offer plenty of nonalcoholic choices such as sparkling water, fancy juice drinks, soft drinks and bottled drinking water.

    During your party:
  • If you hire or designate someone as bartender, ask them to measure the correct amount of liquor into drinks and instruct them not to serve anyone who appears to be impaired.
  • Check the ID of anyone who appears to be under the age of 30 (no ID, no alcohol).
  • Stop serving drinks at least one hour before the end of the event. Instead, serve coffee, nonalcoholic beverages and desserts at that time.
  • Recruit people who will not be drinking to be available at the end of the party to help ensure that everyone has a safe ride home.

    Finally, had one too many? Call a friend, taxi or rideshare service.
    Play It Safe – Be a Responsible Party Host, Oregon Liquor Control

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